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Killeen, Texas, September 22, 2023 – Triple Impact Connections, a first-of-its-kind veteran-owned BPO customer contact center staffed by active-duty Military spouses, has formed a dynamic partnership with the market-leading, Disabled owned and powered, company known for superior Customer Service, Ability-Go.  

Ability-Go, provides an on ramp for Enterprise clients looking to leverage the skills of the very talented Disabled Community.  This highly regarded firm leverages, trains and hires adults from the Americans with Disabilities community, and currently employs over 350 people. It also provides job coaching to help team members advance their careers.

Karl Holzthum, Principal & Advisor at Ability-Go explains, “We allow our clients to tap into an innovative and talented demographic while providing inclusive and uplifting environments in which team members can thrive. This new Strategic Partnership adds Military service spouses as well as highly efficient BPO service for our clients with those needs.”

Ability-Go’s clients include some of the most respected F500 companies. Triple Impact and Ability-Go share a common belief in both the mission of Inclusivity and the human case for accessibility.

Triple Impact Connections’ new BPO paradigm brings the highly talented, Service Disabled and Americans with Disability workforce to the forefront of their Military Spouse-based Customer Experience marketplace. Triple Impact operates in partnership with the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP), created by the U.S. Department of Defense and The White House, to connect active-duty Military spouses with high-quality employers.

Triple Impact’s CEO Craig Mento notes, “Triple Impact Connections actively recruits and hires the spouses of active-duty Military members across the country, allowing employers who are committed to recruiting, promoting and retaining Military spouses to hire them. This labor force has proven to be highly reliable, effective and loyal to Triple Impact Connections.” 

As a result, Triple Impact’s annual attrition rate of 15% is significantly lower than the BPO industry and in-house call centers in general.  By providing a labor force that remains on the job long-term, the Triple Impact team delivers a high level of job performance on a consistent basis and reduces the cost of hiring and training.

“With a potential talent pool of 650,000 skilled workers embodying the Military values of dedication, responsiveness and efficiency, Triple Impact Connections is delivering a personalized and enhanced experience for customers,” Mento adds. “This deep labor pool enables us to select the best candidates who meet the job profile requirements of any client.”

“This innovative program and our partnership with MSEP is driving impactful and transformative change by harnessing the ingenuity of the business community to address the family income needs of our active duty Military families,” said Bob Olds, Chairman of Triple Impact Connections. “Our customers are true partners with Triple Impact Connections in the fight to elevate the standard of living for our dedicated military families.”

These strong assets offer brands better solutions and richer customer experiences while overcoming the frequent cultural/language barriers inherent in offshore and near-shore call centers. Leveraging both communities allows our clients to benefit in many ways, including loyalty and operational efficiencies and CSAT that come with these communities.


Triple Impact Connections embraces and employs the active-duty Military spouse community and creates enduring value for companies that wish to offer an exceptional Customer Experience contact to their customers–a workforce based on lower attrition and improved customer engagement equals superior results.

Triple Impact Connections is based in Killeen, Texas, adjacent to Fort Hood, and provides high quality, high-tech, cost-effective customer communications services to U.S. businesses.


We are a virtual staff augmentation company with a mission to provide sustainable career opportunities for The Service Disabled and Americans with Disabilities, with a focus on loyalty based and superior Customer Service 

Ability-Go is based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and was founded to match the need for an engaged workforce with the underserved demographic of Americans with Disabilities within the labor force.

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