The Off-premises Growth Academy Partners With Triple Impact Connections for Call Center Services to Help Food Service Operators Grow Catering Sales

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Killeen, Texas, January 25, 2023 – Triple Impact Connections, a first-of-its-kind veteran-owned customer contact center staffed by active duty Military spouses, has been selected as the call center partner of choice for catering sales, guest service and support by the Off-Premises Growth Academy (OPGA).

Erle Dardick, founder of the OPGA, announced the partnership. Dardick is at the pinnacle of thought leaders in the catering world. Prior to launching OPGA, he was the founder of Monkey Media Software, The Catering Institute and Catering Insights. These entities were focused on providing foodservice operators with strategy, education and software to grow sales and increase profits by helping them to feed their customers where they live, work and play, and helped them to manage their Business To Business (B2B) channels.

Erle believes that “Centralized Services is the key to scaling an enterprise catering operation, especially the centralization of inquiries and bookings. These orders are often more complex than traditional takeout orders, and customers want a live agent and customer service representative who can work closely with them on their orders. Order accuracy is vital to successful transactions and the relationship with the client is key to winning more catering business.”

Triple Impact’s David Sawicki, Executive VP of Business Development added, “Erle has been a strong proponent for multi-unit restaurants to utilize a centralized call center to serve their catering and to-go guests. Our clients see immediate benefits when they partner with Triple Impact Connections: higher ticket values, more calls handled and orders processed, and we take a tremendous workload off the shoulders of in-store staff so they can focus 100% of their attention on the on-site guest experience. It’s a true honor to be selected by Erle and the OPGA as their centralized call center partner of choice.”

Triple Impact Connections’ new paradigm brings a highly talented, All-American workforce to the forefront of the Customer Experience marketplace. Triple Impact operates in partnership with the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP), created by the U.S. Department of Defense and The White House to connect active-duty Military spouses with employers who are committed to recruiting, hiring, promoting, and retaining Military spouses.

CEO Craig Mento said, “Over the years, our focus and innovations in our Restaurant Sector have produced world-class results for our clients. We are proud to earn such high praise from Erle and the OPGA. Interestingly, out of the turmoil of the pandemic, Triple Impact transformed the bleak business climate of our clients to a winning scenario of unprecedented value and quality.”

With a potential talent pool of 650,000 skilled workers embodying the Military values of dedication, loyalty, and efficiency, Triple Impact Connections is delivering a personalized and enhanced experience for customers.

“This innovative program and our partnership with MSEP is driving impactful and transformative change by harnessing the ingenuity of the business community to address the family income needs of our active duty Military families,” said Bob Olds, Chairman of Triple Impact Connections. “Our customers are true partners with Triple Impact Connections in the fight to elevate the standard of living for our dedicated military families.”

While most active duty Military spouses would like to work, frequent family relocation is a barrier to finding and maintaining a lasting and durable career path. The financial security of active duty Military families is threatened by the inability of Military spouses to obtain and retain fulfilling employment as they relocate with their spouses who bravely serve our country. Triple Impact Connections enables employees to work on site at a call center or remotely, allowing them to raise children or move, as their spouses’ job requires.

Triple Impact Connections is based in Killeen, Texas, adjacent to Fort Hood, and provides high quality, high-tech, cost-effective customer communications services to U.S. businesses.

This unique Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) model incorporates Military values as guiding principles which benefit companies, their customers, and active duty Military families by empowering Military spouses with new skills, free training and well-paying career opportunities. Triple Impact Connections provides Military spouses with an accredited certification and provides stable employment that can transform the financial security of active duty Military families, in many cases doubling household income.

These strong assets offer brands better solutions and richer customer experiences while overcoming the frequent cultural/language barriers inherent in offshore and near-shore call centers.

Triple Impact Connections embraces and employs the active duty Military spouse community and creates enduring value for companies that wish to offer an exceptional Customer Experience to their customers–a workforce based on lower attrition and improved customer engagement equals superior results.

Triple Impact’s Mission is three-fold:

  1. Provide client companies superior customer service and engagement that positively connects companies to their customers.
  2. Provide jobs for spouses of active duty Military Families to assure them financial support and career opportunities to thrive and achieve.
  3. Provide financial support to severely wounded veterans through the Sentinels of Freedom foundation.
Active duty Military spouses can apply for new employment opportunities at Triple Impact Connections by visiting

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Craig Mento, CEO,
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